Our Programs

Our Programs

Having worked in Ethiopia for over 16 years, Real Humanitarian has established a proven model to achieve its mission and break the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia. This model is called the ‘Holistic Child Centered Network’ (HCCN) which we run in our nine educational and support centers.

Our holistic centers provide comprehensive support to each child participant to fill the critical gaps impeding their development and success. Our holistic centers provide support and programs in the following areas:

Educational Support

We provide comprehensive educational support to all the children registered in our programs. Our Holistic Model fills the most common gaps and obstacles that face a child’s path to education in Ethiopia, this includes covering school fees, purchasing school uniforms, providing educational materials (pencils, notebooks, books, etc.). The most impactful asset of our Educational Support program is our tutoring and academic support services; each child visits their center daily to work on homework and receive personalized support from our educators and tutors as needed. 

Nutrition Program

We provide healthy hot lunches and daily snacks to each student at our centers, five days a week. For many, this is the only hot meal they will receive. During times of crises, we also provide food and hygiene hampers for our families.

Health & Dental Support

Each child has an in-take physical and an annual check-up to monitor their medical and dental health. Expedition groups bring foreign-trained medical and dental professionals to care for the students and their families. Contracts with local medical and dental service providers are in place to provide care when needed.

After School Clubs

All of our students are also encouraged to participate in after-school clubs and special projects, such as art, drama, music, dance, sports, literature, environment, gardening, debate, and more. Our clubs are run by local volunteers, many of whom are alumni of our programs.

Youth Empowerment Programs

Each of our centers give students opportunities for youth to engage in goal setting, peer leadership, and empower all students to reach their potential.  Students are taught to be global citizens, and treat all people with respect.


Each year dozens of volunteers from across the world visit our centers to bring love, knowledge, skills, and hope to students. Specialized expedition groups include university field studies, medical and dental care, social worker and teacher training, entrepreneurship, business management training, and more.
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Post-Secondary Scholarship Programs & Alumni Support

After completing high school, students also have the opportunity to continue their studies in Universities, Colleges, Technical and Trade Schools, and Vocational Training Program. Graduated students have also come together to form ‘Alumni Association’ which helps the students connect with fellow Alumni and support one another, emotionally, socially, and professionally.  Alumni also return and provide support to the Centers as mentors and tutors.

Guardian Programs

Recognizing that to see real change, we must invest in each child’s family, we also provide special programs for participant’s guardians, such as literacy support, business training, and workshops focused on child development, grief and loss, child nurturing, sexual and reproductive health, menstruation and more.

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Development Sponsorship

$35/month, $420/year

Provides the basic necessities for the child within the program including: educational fees, school uniform, tutoring, extra-curricular clubs and activities, and one hot meal per day.


Growth Sponsorship

$50/month, $600/year

Provides all of the basic necessities of Development Sponsorship, plus additional support to our programs for materials, program expansion, and training opportunities for guardians.


Strategic Sponsorship

$75/month, $900/year

Provides all of the support of Growth Sponsorship, plus contributes to long-term development by supporting the sustainable investment initiatives of Canadian Humanitarian and our partners.


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